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Here at Bobalu we make and manufacture all of our own lines of cigars. You can deal direct with the factory, NO middlemen, NO typical overpriced and stale cigars, only a huge stock of great-tasting cigars from the most exotic tobaccos to the largest selection of shapes, sizes and blends available anywhere. All Bobalu cigar blends are available with your store name or logo. Custom blending and packaging also available.

All Bobalu cigars are made using our finest long filler from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras as well as our extensive wrapper inventory selections which include, Sumatran, Cameroon Maduro, Habana98, Criollo, Corojo, Brazilian Maduro, Connecticut Shade and Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro. The fact is, combining great tobacco with truly experienced Cuban Cigar Rollers making handmade cigars in small batches equals GREAT CIGARS! Bobalu currently makes 20 different lines of cigars, from mild to wild Bobalu has it all.



Bobalu Wholesale

* Buy direct from the manufacturer

* No minimums

* Over 20 cigar lines to choose

* Wide array of shapes, sizes and blends

* All types of packaging available (boxes, bundles, tubes, etc)

* Huge selection of flavored cigars


Cigar Factory (Nicaragua)










Cigar Factory (Austin, Texas)











Custom Packaging











Custom Cigar Shapes, Sizes & Blends















Bobalu Cigar Co. specializes in custom lines of cigars for retailers. Imagine having your own lines of premium cigars compete with the most popular cigars of today. Bobalu's is an established boutique manufacturer and we can make that happen for you.

* Bring increased traffic, customer appeal, and higher margins to your store

* Build your own brand name

* Separate yourself from the competition

* Best Customer Service & Fastest Shipping

* Higher Margins


Bars and Restaurants

Cigars are a great way to increase your bottom line at your restaurant or bar. Cigars are a great add on sale and a good way to keep your customers sitting, eating or drinking longer. Bobalu specializes in custom label cigars with your establishments name or logo. Don’t have a logo? We will make one for you. No huge investments, No minimums, and No hassles.

* No Minimums

* Add-on Sales

* Brand Recognition

* Great for Special Events

* Excellent for Promotions

* Cigar Nights

* Corporate Events

* Wine and Cigar Tasting's


Golf & Country Clubs

Cigars at the golf course. Is there an easier sale? Whether in the pro shop, beverage cart or 19th hole cigars are a great and easy add-on sale. Branded cigars with your courses name or logo are a great addition for tournaments, member functions, parties, corporate events or just a great way for your members or customers to finish up a great round of golf.

* Golf Tournaments

* Charity Events

* Pro Shop Sales



Sales Tax Certificate and a Retailers Tobacco Permit required to purchase wholesale. Please feel free to fax or email these documents to receive a confidential wholesale price list.

For more info please contact Jeff at 512-469-5877

* Email jeff@livecigarrollers.com

* Fax 512-469-5972


Bobalu Cigar Company


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