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Humidifier - hygrometer- humidor - jet torch - poly-glycol
Bobalu Humidifiers/Hygrometers

Bobalu has a huge selection of humidifiers, hygrometers and accessories.Not everything can be put on the website so if you do not see want you are looking for please call us toll free at 1-888-33-CIGAR


Large Humidifier
$ 20

This large humidifier can humidify up tp 75-100 cigars. Great for large humidors. Just add humidifier solution or distilled water and you are set. Don't let your cigars down, buy one today.

Round Humidifier
$ 10

This round humidifier is the standard. Great replacement and fits most humidors. Just fill with humidifier solution or distilled water and your set.


Large Hygrometer/Temperature
$ 20

Extra large analog hygrometer has large easy to read numbers and temperature gauge as well.Keep your cigars just right with this combination hygrometer.


Small Hygrometer
$ 12

The classic hygrometer is the replacement size for most humidors.Looks great in any humidor


Digital Hygrometer
$ 30

This digital hygrometer is the most accurate way to keep your cigars perfect. No guessing with this baby.The magnetic backing is very handy and batteries are included

Humi Gel
$ 5.95

The easiest way to assure the freshness of your cigars all year around. Just open jar and place in humidor.When cyrstals loose their moisture just add distilled water.

Humidifier Solution
$ 6.95

The Perfect Way to assure the freshness of your cigars all year around. Griffo Solution is a proven formula 50% distilled water and 50% PG, Propylene Glycol to help maintain a relative 70% humidity and eliminates mold and mildew from forming. A must have!

Water Pillow Humidifier
$ 1.5

The portable way to assure the freshness of your cigars all year around. Just place in water for a few seconds and add to cigars.

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