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Cigar Samplers

The Bobalu Story
Bobalu Cigar Company offers a wide variety of cigar samplers. Haven’t tried or Can’t decide on which cigar to choose than Bobalu has a sampler for you. Bobalu cigar variety packs include our finest long filler cigars from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras.Our extensive inventory of the finest wrapper leaf in the world includes Sumatran, Cameroon Maduro, VintageHabana98, Corojo, Brazilian Maduro, Connecticut Shade and Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro. The fact is, combining great tobacco with truly experienced Cuban Cigar Rollers making handmade cigars in small batches equals GREAT CIGARS!

What is a Sampler
Samplers or variety packs allow customers to experience the differences in our unique premium handmade cigars with out having to try the whole box.

Sampler Prices
Range from $24.95-$99.95

Sampler # of cigars
Range from 5 cigars to 21 cigars

Sampler Sizes
Corona (6), Robusto (6), Robusto Maduro (6), Torpedo (5), Toro (10), Texas Select (8), Premium (15) & (21) and Flavored corona (12)

Flavored Samplers
The growing demand for flavored cigars has not gone unnoticed at Bobalu. Flavored cigar smokers are in for a real treat with our Bobalu premium flavored samplers. Our flavored variety pack provides smokers with our blend of deliciously rich, mild, aromatic Dominican tobaccos that are flavored in-house. All flavored cigars are sugar tipped and the 12 flavors include Vanilla, Amarretto, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Black Cherry, Coffee Liqueur, Rum, Cinnamon, Whiskey, Cognac, and Gran Marnier.

NEW Petite Figurado Sampler
Petite Figurado 20 Sampler

$ 85

This size cigar is so popular so we figured a good way for you to try them. Each sampler box contains 20 petite figurados.Very Limited!

* (5) White Label Sumatran
* (5) Black Label Cameroon Maduro
* (5) Yellow Label Conn Shade
* (5) Rojo Label Corojo

6 Corona Cigar Sampler

6 different coronas, 6 different tastes. A cigar smoker's dream.

6 Robusto Cigar Sampler

6 different robustos, 6 different tastes. Another cigar smoker's dream.





Gordo Sampler 6
$ 29.95

NEW! You want to hang with the big boys? Than try our gordo sampler. These cigars are huge and loaded with flavor. These are all 60 x 6 and you get to try all six. Save big on this special offer. only $29.95


Black Label (Filler: Dominican Wrapper: Cameroon Maduro)
Blue Label (Filler: Nicaraguan Wrapper: Double Maduro)
Silver Label (Filler: Nicaraguan Wrapper: Rosado)
Rojo Label (Filler: Nic, Dom, Hon Wrapper: Colorado Rojo)
Oscuro Label (Filler: Nic, Dom, Criollo98 Wrapper: USA Connecticut)
Orange Label (Filler: Nic, Dom, Hon Wrapper: Criollo)

6 Cigar Maduro Sampler

A maduro sampler. Try 6 of our most popular maduro cigars. All cigars are 50 x 5 and have a wide variety tobaccos and wrappers from around the world. Great sampler for maduro lovers.






Petite Figurado Sampler (8)
$ 29.95



Try these now. Great size, Great taste.


Each sampler contains 8 petite figurados.Very Limited!

* (2) White Label Sumatran
* (2) Black Label Cameroon Maduro
* (2) Yellow Label Conn Shade
* (2) Rojo Label Corojo

10 Cigar Toro Sampler

The 10 cigar toro sampler are big thick cigars.10 different cigars Experience tobacco from around the world in this great sampler.




15 Cigar Sampler

A wide variety of different shapes, sizes, and tobaccos make this a great choice. Experience tobacco from around the world packed in a handsome cedar display box.

21 Cigar Sampler

Similar to the 15 cigar sampler but with the addition of some of the hard to find shapes and sizes. Also includes vintage 1991 cigars.

5 Torpedo Cigar Sampler

The ultimate torpedo sampler. 5 different torpedos including a vintage 1991 gem. This is the real deal, don't miss out on this one. Beautifully presented and ready to give.

8 Texas Select Cigar Sampler

These are fresh cigars rolled in the window at Bobalu's. The tobacco in these cigars is aged a minimum of 5 years. Once you have tried these, you will know why all the rollers smoke theirs freshly rolled.

12 Flavored Cigar Sampler

If you like flavored cigars, then this is the one for you. Included are Vanilla, Hazelnut, Black Cherry, Chocolate/Cognac, Cinnamon, Whiskey, Creme de Mint, Coffee Liquor, Amaretto and Orange Liquor. Enough said.

Bobalu Cigar Company


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