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Cigar App - Bobalu Cigar Selector App - Free Cigar App


Bobalu Exclusive Cigar Selector App is here!

Check out Bobalu’s new cigar selector mobile app. With over 25 different lines of cigars, how do you choose the right one? This mobile app for your android and iphone does it for you. Here’s how it works, The cigar selector lets you choose your by cigars by popular brand comparison or by picking the specific cigar characteristics you want. Pick from the most popular cigar brands for comparison or choose the exact characteristics you want from 5 categories, Flavor, Strength, Wrapper Color, Country of Origin and Price and the Bobalu cigar selector app will choose them for you. So you want a dark, strong, spicy, mid priced cigar from Honduras? The app will then pick the best choice for you.




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